February 28, 2023

What to Wear: Dressing for the Casino

When it comes to dressing for the casino, always take a cue from the dress code of the venue. Usually, it’s best to dress on the smarter end of the spectrum, especially if it’s a fancy casino you’re visiting. A crisp shirt and well-fitting pair of trousers or skirt will suffice to show that you’re respecting their dress code. Some casinos may even require patrons to wear a jacket—so be sure to check ahead of time!

In general, your clothing should be comfortable and neat. Pay attention to details like your shoes—if they look scruffy, it diminishes your overall appearance. Women can also opt for stylish yet smart dresses or pantsuits for a more polished look.

Ultimately, good casino etiquette extends beyond what you wear—but keeping your clothes looking their best is one easy way to show respect for your fellow players and solicit positive attention from staff members.

Introducing Yourself to the Table

When you’re playing a table game, you shouldn’t just dive right in. It’s polite to introduce yourself to the rest of the table first, and then lay out what you know about the game before getting started. You might want to tell everyone your name, as well as how long you’ve been playing and if there are any variations of the game that you’re familiar with.

At the same time, it’s important to be mindful of others at the table. Don’t talk too much or for too long about yourself—you should let others have their turn introducing themselves and talking about their experiences. Most importantly, don’t dominate the conversation—give everyone the opportunity to speak up and ask questions if they have them.

Finally, when it’s time to start playing, it’s always polite to ask if anyone needs help with understanding or mastering the rules of the game before moving on. Asking for help shows that you have respect for your fellow players’ skills and knowledge and will make your table mates more comfortable with playing together.

Be Respectful of Other Players

When playing games in a casino, it pays to be aware of other players and their behaviors. While there can be a lot of noise, conversation, and laughter at the tables, you should always remain mindful of your surroundings and show respect to everyone else.

Here are some ways to stay courteous to other players:

  • Avoid talking over other players while they’re making their move
  • Don’t talk on a phone while playing
  • Don’t linger—if you need more time to make a decision, ask the dealer for a few minutes
  • Even if it’s not your turn, don’t flash the table or announce what you would have done differently or how someone else should have played
  • Respect player privacy—don’t ask questions about strategy or luck involved in their hand
  • Respect your opponent’s winnings—congratulate them sincerely when they do well

By respecting those around you, you’ll keep the casino environment friendly and fun! Everyone will have a better time when everyone is being courteous and polite.

Always Tip the Dealers

When you’re playing at the casino, it’s important to remember that the dealers work hard and deserve to be tipped for their efforts. While you don’t have to tip on every hand, leaving them a few chips when you win a big pot is a great way to show your appreciation.

Also, remember that tipping is never mandatory. It should always be done out of kindness and respect, not obligation.

If you do choose to tip, here are some common tips for being polite:

  • Tip small amounts throughout the game until you win a big pot.
  • Don’t overdo it – never tip more than 5% of your total winnings or bet size.
  • Give your tips in the form of chips or cash when it’s convenient – not while cards are being dealt or at other times when it would distract from play.
  • Avoid speaking with the dealer while they are dealing cards or handling chips – wait until they are finished before making conversation.

Goodbye Etiquette: Leaving the Table

When the time comes to leave a table or game, it’s important to know how to do so politely and without causing offense. As always, respect other players by keeping quiet and being aware of your surroundings.

Here are a few tips for leaving a casino table or game in a polite manner:

Create an Opening

If you’re behind someone waiting to join the game, be courteous and let them in. Look around the table politely, smile and nod with the other players before leaving your seat. It’s polite to thank everyone for allowing you to play with them if you made new friends during your game session.

Checking Out

Once you’re ready to leave, take care of any expenses first. Double-check that all chips have been cashed in at the casino desk as well as any fees associated with games played.

Exit Courteously

Before leaving the game, make sure not to distract other players or bring too much attention to yourself when departing. Offer one last thank you before making your way out quietly and speedily.


In the end, having a good understanding of casino etiquette is essential for any player who wants to enjoy their time in the casino with minimal stress. Good etiquette can help you make friends and earn respect from other players. Be sure to act in a professional manner, be patient and courteous, and be willing to help other players. Remember that casinos are meant to be enjoyable and that it’s in your best interest to be polite and follow the rules. Casino etiquette isn’t just about respecting the rules, it’s also about making sure everyone has a good time. So, have fun, be polite, and keep the table happy!

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